Protection of the ecosystem

Protection of the Ecosystem

Natural ecosystems are negatively affected by human activity. Jungle clearing, monocultures, land sealing or landfills lead to serious problems in nature and wildlife. The goal for all stakeholders must therefore be to support the development of nature and not to impair the ecosystem through their own operational processes. This includes ecological compatibility in construction and conversion planning, the use of organic raw materials, but also the responsible use of water. It must be ensured that there is no danger to nature or wildlife from products. We are working on a zero-waste strategy and are examining the conditions of organic raw materials and how they are produced.


We pursue a "Zero Waste to Landfill" concept and want to avoid waste ending up in landfills. All companies in our group are working to make an active contribution to waste prevention. At our sites we achieve high recycling rates and have already been able to achieve many optimizations. At the Dietenhofen production site, for example, we use baling presses for waste separation, which have already enabled us to significantly reduce waste volumes and avoid transport emissions.

In addition, we want to support our consumers as best as possible with disposal instructions so that our products and packaging can be recycled.

World Ocean Day Malta 3

Together for the protection of the ocean: PLAYMOBIL joins forces together with Müller and MBRC the ocean to support World Ocean Day

The world's oceans offer us a very special opportunity to take responsibility for the environment and make a difference with measures such as emissions reduction or waste avoidance to protect biodiversity and water quality. That is why World Ocean Day on June 8 draws attention to this important topic.

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We offer products with a very long service life. In our PLAMOBIL business unit, we also have the positive experience that products are often regifted and thus preserved for generations. We also create takeback offers for our PLAYMOBIL and LECHUZA brand products to enable their recycling and recyclability. In Germany, cooperations in this area include a collaboration with trading partners Hornbach, Globus and my Toys. Further offers are planned.

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