Corporate social responsibility 2

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our actions as an international group of companies, we have the opportunity to support people, organisations and even entire systems in their further development. To this end, we continuously create offers and point out opportunities.

This applies to our own organisation as well as to external stakeholders. With our business areas, we achieve positive impact that improves the world – in small and large ways.

Kreative Problemloeser


Our imagination, awareness and sense of responsibility will be crucial in shaping the world for the better with the help of new technologies. The OECD therefore identifies the "21st Century Skills“ as crucial future competencies.

For companies, the demands on knowledge and skills to make a meaningful contribution to social life are increasing. Promoting independent thinking and creativity, awakening empathy and a sense of ethical action have therefore long been entrepreneurial tasks of the future for the Horst Brandstätter Group.


The complexity of modern life also makes solutions to problems more complex. We need high sensitivity to the expectations of others, but also a deep understanding of the limits of individual and collective action.

Acting in a local environment while considering possible global impacts means that we have to find the right balance between competing demands.

The ability to overcome and integrate imponderables and ambiguities becomes a key element. The Horst Brandstätter Group stands for this holistic way of thinking. Creativity in solving problems requires that we think through the consequences of our actions and critically reflect on our goals.

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In our group of companies, a wide variety of people come together every day to work together for a more sustainable world. To ensure consistency in all our activities, we are guided by five principles. We are committed to taking these principles into account in all our value-creating processes:

Icon Competence


We help people to develop individually or in community. To this end, we offer a variety of inspirational activities - personal, playful, educational. The development of personal skills is central to this.

Icon Health


We create conditions for people that promote their health. This applies to our services and products as well as to our operational processes. All work processes are regularly checked for safety. We offer good working conditions that enable a healthy work-life balance.

Icon Influence


We help to ensure that people can participate. This includes supporting freedom of expression and personal engagement. To this end, we are in dialog with various stakeholder groups.

Icon Unparteilichkeit Impartiality


We support people in forming an unbiased picture of the world. Our products and services help people meet each other without prejudice and without any form of discrimination. This applies to us in the company as well as to society.

Icon Meaning making

Creation of Value

We provide impetus for people to find meaning for themselves or in community. Whether through personal projects or social commitment. Our group of companies, its brands and products offer many opportunities for identification.

Right to Play


Social competence is an essential key to understanding our world and many complex interrelationships. Many fundamentals are already acquired in childhood. In active play, children access the world, change perspectives and learn to put themselves in the shoes of other people and contexts.

Play is therefore of great importance for personal development - it supports and promotes a person's cognitive, physical, social and emotional abilities. Through play, self-confidence and self-awareness is strengthened. In children as well as in adults. In play, parents and children meet "at eye level".

In our Inspiring Play Experience business areas, we develop offers that make this possible. In our PLAYMOBIL Business Unit, we go even further and also want to raise awareness of sustainability issues and promote sustainable action among children and families. To this end, we work in various projects with portfolio management – so that the eight sustainability principles are also reflected there. The play world Wiltopia shows how this can be done.


In role play, children deal with joyful events as well as disappointments and process experiences and feelings. In addition, they learn to put themselves in different situations and start seeing things from other peoples‘ perspectives, thus developing their empathy. Social development is a basis for collective action, whether in society, the family or among friends. Personal and social skills develop in interaction with other people. The goal is for a child to grow into an autonomous personality with self-confidence and self-esteem. Complex and flexible play worlds with play and action figures can support children in a meaningful way.

Playmobil Everdreamerz pictures from life

When children begin to learn about their environment, they slip into different roles and imitate situations through play. Such role-playing is not only fun, it is also important for children's cognitive, social and emotional development.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer